Fantm™ Bike Update!!

October 11, 2009

Ok folks! New pictures of the bike are finally here!!

Bontrager Race FlatTop Bars!

Bike as it is now

Before Now
Stinky cheesy painted MTB riser bars Bontrager Race FlatTop bars
White MTB slide-on grips Yellow Specialized S-Wraps
Cheesy Specialized three-speed
chainrings on a cheesy crank
CPI Aluminum Cranks

So Leave some love peeps!

Gºø∂ N∑w≈¡!¡!

September 23, 2009

So I finally found a guy who has the Bottom Bracket I need

I know what you’re thinking… how awesome is this bike gonna be when he’s done with it?

Well let me dispel all doubts. This bike is gonna be the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen on the street… that I’ve built… BWAHAHAHA!!

Yea but for seriously, I’m pretty dang excited about this project.

So as you all probably know, I’m more on the largish side so Instead of putting those teeeny weeeeny road tires on my bike, I’m putting some hybrid tires so It’ll still look killer but with beefier tires for the beefier guy!

I don’t know if I told you all about this yet, but I got some killer CPI cranks for the bike. They’re silver and just really sexy!

So Here are the pieces of shizz I had before…

Yep…. really good. Oh and all the scratches and whatnot are from me and my dad trying for hours to get them off with screwdrivers and hammers…. then I bought the crank puller and discovered how easy that was….

Here are my Brand spankin new CPI Cranks:

So that’s about it for today, enjoy this sexy bike as you leave.