Fantm™ Bike Update!!

October 11, 2009

Ok folks! New pictures of the bike are finally here!!

Bontrager Race FlatTop Bars!

Bike as it is now

Before Now
Stinky cheesy painted MTB riser bars Bontrager Race FlatTop bars
White MTB slide-on grips Yellow Specialized S-Wraps
Cheesy Specialized three-speed
chainrings on a cheesy crank
CPI Aluminum Cranks

So Leave some love peeps!


The Fantm™ Life

September 28, 2009

It’s a good day. Aside from driving clear to Timbuktu to try and purchase the infamous Bottom bracket I need, and being late for my first class today, nothing much has gone wrong.

Pho shizzle

So it turns out that the only two bike shops in cupertino are closed on monday thus rendering my attempts at procuring the necessary accoutrements for my velocipede. ARRGGGH *shakes fist*

Oh well… nothing more I can do about it now.

So girls who wear really tight wifebeaters over leopard pattern bras are cool… thanks for the show ladies but this is school… don’t need any more distractions

Have a great day and check back for more installments of fantm™ life.