New Reviews! That’s right, it’s shoes this time…

March 26, 2010

So I just got me some brand spankin’ new Chrome Kursk kicks!

I recently discovered Chrome and all their cool stuff they make right here in the Yay Area and am duly impressed by both their quality and their culture. They seem like the kind of people you’d want to hang out with.

Anyway, the review:

I got them about two weeks ago now (I know… I’m a procrastinator) and I’ve worn them just about every day since they arrived. They are pretty stinking comfortable just off the bat. I have wide feet so that was kind of an issue with them… and most shoes in general. I found that they were quite narrow but they were remarkably comfortable nonetheless. They have great support and I found that they have a very sturdy sole. Even when pedaling super hard, I could hardly tell that I was standing on the pointy thing on my pedals. The grommets on the front work well and look tight to boot and the padded tongue? Wow! Not to mention these shoes come with a reflective strip on the heel to further aid rider safety.

All in all, I would rate these an 8 out of 10. They have some great features and are comfortable, but for my wide feet they didn’t work out so hot.


The Fantm™ Bike is almost complete!!

October 20, 2009

Ok So after the chain was being a loser, I decided to go get some stuff at WALT’S BIKE SHOP (little plug for walt’s) in Sunnyvale. Great people over there. They’re all really friendly and have a great selection of stuff! I picked up a set of Origin8 Brake levers that clamp on the top of my drop bars, I got a new gold chain, and a Kryptonite Bike lock, plus I got one of their sweet green wrist/ankle reflectors that gets me 10% off!

So yesterday I took her out for the first official test ride! It was awesome!

Oh and we fixed the problem of why the chain would like pop when I would put strain on it; turns out how many teeth of the rear cog are engaging it matters…

So we took out as much slack in the chain as we could and now the tensioner is only pushing on it a little. So in effect, most of the rear teeth are engaging the chain so no more popping!

I’ll be posting up pics of the bike later today so be sure to check back later!!

Fantm™ Bike Update!!

October 11, 2009

Ok folks! New pictures of the bike are finally here!!

Bontrager Race FlatTop Bars!

Bike as it is now

Before Now
Stinky cheesy painted MTB riser bars Bontrager Race FlatTop bars
White MTB slide-on grips Yellow Specialized S-Wraps
Cheesy Specialized three-speed
chainrings on a cheesy crank
CPI Aluminum Cranks

So Leave some love peeps!

Fantm™ Bike Update!

October 5, 2009

Aaaiiigghhtt Ya’ll! Update for all ya who been following the Fantm™ Bike project.

So yesterday I finally got something for the bike that changes the look! I know, I know, it’s about freakin time Jonny!

Ok so as you may know, the few things I’ve changed from the stock, albeit old, Specialized™ Hardrock I started out with are as follows:

  • Paint: Black with hammered finish (handlebars[old ones], frame, stem, fork
  • New Crankset (CPI Aluminum single Chainring)
  • put stock pedals back on (not happy about it but oh well)
  • No wheels at the moment
  • ◊¡¡FINALLY!!◊ got some sweet road handlebars (Bontrager Race Flat Tops) They’re used but only have a small scratch on the side

So here’s the bars, a factory picture

(I will be posting pics of the bike as it looks with the new addition later tonight)

Post some comments peeps! I wanna know what you think!

Thanks for reading!

The Fantm™ Life

September 28, 2009

It’s a good day. Aside from driving clear to Timbuktu to try and purchase the infamous Bottom bracket I need, and being late for my first class today, nothing much has gone wrong.

Pho shizzle

So it turns out that the only two bike shops in cupertino are closed on monday thus rendering my attempts at procuring the necessary accoutrements for my velocipede. ARRGGGH *shakes fist*

Oh well… nothing more I can do about it now.

So girls who wear really tight wifebeaters over leopard pattern bras are cool… thanks for the show ladies but this is school… don’t need any more distractions

Have a great day and check back for more installments of fantm™ life.

Gºø∂ N∑w≈¡!¡!

September 23, 2009

So I finally found a guy who has the Bottom Bracket I need

I know what you’re thinking… how awesome is this bike gonna be when he’s done with it?

Well let me dispel all doubts. This bike is gonna be the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen on the street… that I’ve built… BWAHAHAHA!!

Yea but for seriously, I’m pretty dang excited about this project.

So as you all probably know, I’m more on the largish side so Instead of putting those teeeny weeeeny road tires on my bike, I’m putting some hybrid tires so It’ll still look killer but with beefier tires for the beefier guy!

I don’t know if I told you all about this yet, but I got some killer CPI cranks for the bike. They’re silver and just really sexy!

So Here are the pieces of shizz I had before…

Yep…. really good. Oh and all the scratches and whatnot are from me and my dad trying for hours to get them off with screwdrivers and hammers…. then I bought the crank puller and discovered how easy that was….

Here are my Brand spankin new CPI Cranks:

So that’s about it for today, enjoy this sexy bike as you leave.


September 22, 2009