New song updates:

February 21, 2010

So I’ve heard a few new songs these past days that I think everyone should listen to. And In fact, I have included the Pop-out links to listen to them for free, Just click on the title!

“Resistance” by Muse

This once rather sounds like a Christmas carol at times during the chorus but I think it sounds cool! It reminds me of that other song about some sort of inane liberal fight against the persecution of the Christian majority or some such nonsense…

“Beautiful Thieves” by A.F.I.

This also has a catchy chorus but not great in the understandability and deep, thought-provoking departments… Well other than the brain pain you’ll get trying to figure it out… The music video is quite well produced. Not Oscar-worthy by any means but it was cool.

That’s about it for now. Certainly there is a lack of well-produced, quality music being made nowadays, but if and or when I hear more cool jams I’ll hook it up! Check back for more cool tuneage!!


August 28, 2008

My friend Neil Cueto and his buddy, Mark Anthony Gamab have started this shoe company called PLSTK™…

Basically they are some of the coolest shoes I have seen thus far. They take their own very creative ideas and translate that into awesome shoes that not only look good on your feet, but are reputed to be very comfortable.
I found that my favs are the slip-on FRIDAY collection.

PLSTK BLOG, it’s the cool stuff…

Upper PLayground

August 28, 2008

I recently came across Upper Playground when my friend Neil who is co-owner/founder of PLSTK showed me the catalog he got from them. These guys at Upper playground really know what’s what! I mean they have some of the dopest stuff you can find. I also love their Logo/mascot…

As you can see, cool mascot!

I recently purchased a SABER tee from them and it was amazing! It fit perfectly and the material was soft as all get out! The only downside is that when I wash it, the printing on the front smells like burning rubber… It’s really weird but as long as I put on some cologne, It’s all good Baby!

This is the shirt except mine is black. As i said, DOPE!!

Ice Ice Baby!

August 28, 2008

Hi everyone, My name is Jonny and this is my first WordPress Blog and I don’t really know what to say but in the future, I’m going to have some cool pictures and Youtube™ videos posted here. So be sure to check back in a few days! SERIOUSLY