Spring Break Son!

Yea buddy! It’s here! So thankfully I have a sweet class schedule at the moment which essentially means I have… 11 days for spring break! My class on thursday, that’s right… CLASS singular… is metalsmithing which means I get to play around in a metal shop for three hours every tuesday and thursday night which is really quite a lot of fun so I consider it a break from school. Anyway I have decided that I will read Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises.”

This is one of the greatest books Hemingway wrote and since I read it once in 10th grade and hated it, I have decided that I will read it again and read deeper into it, more than just getting it out of the way for class.

Also, I’m pretty sure I have A.D.D…. I get bored writing whatever I’m writing and move on to other topics without much of a transition. Which I find that many of you readers enjoy due to the huge number of views on my last post.

I’m not sure if this stupid site is like blocking all of your comments or what… because there’s like 150 billion “spam comments” I’ve gotten so maybe the site just decides to not let me enjoy your comments… who knows… So on another note, I shaved and I do look pretty fly if I don’t say so myself. I trimmed down the sideburns and cut back the strange beard thingy on my chin. Also lost the ‘stache.

On a separate note, my niece Brandy had her baby the other day… maybe a month ago? Kid’s name is Brandon…. strange dontcha think? Anyway he’s a cute little fella. Looks a TON like his daddy but still gives the impression that he’s in fact, not from his mothers uterus but from a distant galaxy….

He also has the funniest facial expressions I’ve ever seen on a baby


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  1. OK good to see- interesting comments are always helpful! See yas.

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