New Reviews! That’s right, it’s shoes this time…

So I just got me some brand spankin’ new Chrome Kursk kicks!

I recently discovered Chrome and all their cool stuff they make right here in the Yay Area and am duly impressed by both their quality and their culture. They seem like the kind of people you’d want to hang out with.

Anyway, the review:

I got them about two weeks ago now (I know… I’m a procrastinator) and I’ve worn them just about every day since they arrived. They are pretty stinking comfortable just off the bat. I have wide feet so that was kind of an issue with them… and most shoes in general. I found that they were quite narrow but they were remarkably comfortable nonetheless. They have great support and I found that they have a very sturdy sole. Even when pedaling super hard, I could hardly tell that I was standing on the pointy thing on my pedals. The grommets on the front work well and look tight to boot and the padded tongue? Wow! Not to mention these shoes come with a reflective strip on the heel to further aid rider safety.

All in all, I would rate these an 8 out of 10. They have some great features and are comfortable, but for my wide feet they didn’t work out so hot.

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