Fantm™ Bike Update!

Aaaiiigghhtt Ya’ll! Update for all ya who been following the Fantm™ Bike project.

So yesterday I finally got something for the bike that changes the look! I know, I know, it’s about freakin time Jonny!

Ok so as you may know, the few things I’ve changed from the stock, albeit old, Specialized™ Hardrock I started out with are as follows:

  • Paint: Black with hammered finish (handlebars[old ones], frame, stem, fork
  • New Crankset (CPI Aluminum single Chainring)
  • put stock pedals back on (not happy about it but oh well)
  • No wheels at the moment
  • ◊¡¡FINALLY!!◊ got some sweet road handlebars (Bontrager Race Flat Tops) They’re used but only have a small scratch on the side

So here’s the bars, a factory picture

(I will be posting pics of the bike as it looks with the new addition later tonight)

Post some comments peeps! I wanna know what you think!

Thanks for reading!

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