tricky tricky tricky

Wow… it’s like every time I EVER get attached to someone they get ripped away from me, either by themselves or someone else “better suited” to the position of boyfriend. What the eff did I do wrong?? I’m never going to figure it out I guess.

Apparently It’s easy to make cutesy little convenient excuses for not wanting to just hang out when you live like 50 miles from the guy who likes you.
I mean I understood that she would be busy but I thought maybe once in a week or so we could hang out…. that seems reasonable right? It’s been… four weeks now since we’ve hung out, two since she’s texted back, and one since she stopped answering her phone. And that’s another thing… does one text message a day seem like a lot? Nuh uhh. It’s not…

Whatever I’m done with this crap. She can spend all her free time with her friends but I don’t even get considered? I’m done with girls like that. If she doesn’t see what she’s missing then whatever. I’m done! I’M FREAKING DONE!!

Now I know how this robot feels

One Response to tricky tricky tricky

  1. Tiffany says:

    A relationship should be 50/50, she obviously is giving only 5%. Dump her. No person is work crying over and the one who is wont make you cry. That’s my philosophy. Good luck.

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